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Gift bags, boxes and tins, OH MY! ;) November 24, 2008

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These are for the Flippin’ for the holidays contest at AMM. What a GREAT challenge!!!

The tutorial for my bag can be found here:
Gift bag tutorial

HOW CUTE IS THIS??? Christine is a GENIUS!

Here’s my take:

I also altered a CD storage box that I have had for nearly 3 yrs! :O



and then, my most DANGEROUS one… yep, had a run in with my glue gun. UGH!!!!!!

Lisa Pace has her Monsieur Hiver and now I have my Monsieur Jouet Soldat! Hope you enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!!!


7 Responses to “Gift bags, boxes and tins, OH MY! ;)”

  1. Christine Says:

    These projects are stunning, Sandi! I * LOVE * your gift bag, and I’m so pleased to know that you were able to create it with the tutorial I posted on my blog!

    The gift box and tins are equally gorgeous…Good luck with the contest! I’m certain that you’ll continue to the next round with these beauties! 😀

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

  2. WOW!!! these are beautiful!!!! What amazing work! I especially love the CD box!

  3. staceymichu Says:

    Beautiful projects! Wow!

  4. Justlulu Says:

    Those projects are beautiful!! Your details always amaze me 🙂

  5. Sandra Says:

    OMG, those rock!! That CD box is totally amazing…and should be in a magazine!! SUBMIT!

  6. BethW Says:

    Totally blew me away-you’re incredible. And I agree-SUBMIT your creations, I haven’t seen anything better than this.

  7. Casii Says:

    Love all the projects! The gift bag is a gift unto itself!

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