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Revolution Money Exchange: Sign up and get $25 for Scrappy Supplies!!! (No strings attached!) April 10, 2008

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Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange 

Well, you can use your $25 for anything I suppose! ;)

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk around the blogosphere about Revolution Money Exchange and how you can earn $25 for signing up for an account. I’m usually someone who blows off things like this as “too good to be true” but after reading about it, and being encouraged by my fav blogger, Crystal, I went ahead and signed up today. It was a simple 5-minute sign-up process and I now have $25 showing up in my account. I am not sure how this company is affording to hand out $25 like this to everyone, but I’m thinking it’s cheaper than other forms of advertising, so that is why they are doing it.

They do ask for your SSN, but I understand that is because it is a financial site… You must enter your SSN due to the terrorist laws that every bank account must be associated with a SSN. It is a secure, FDIC insured site just like ING Direct. I felt completely comfortable after reading their policies and we will enjoy the free money. I hope places will begin to accept this just as much as paypal on the web. I have had to use my ssn to get paid by other online companies as well… Cashcrate, for example. You also get a $10 referral fee, so please use my link and then refer your other friends! D




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